Romania knows what it takes to be a champion

Not for long we were waiting and anticipating diving into the craftsmanship of the Romanian team as they endured throughout the whole World Cup and finally won the biggest prize of all: Top of the minifootball world.

During the interview with Ioan Onicaș, president of the Romanian Minifootball Federation, we learned about their whole journey. We are happy to share to whole discussion:

1. Please share what it's like to be at the top of the minifootball world?

“You feel a huge reason for satisfaction, fulfillment, but also pride. You feel a culmination and reward of all your efforts. You forget all the sacrifices you have made and all the hardships you were given along the way. You expect to see more respect for your efforts in the future. But at the same time, you must be aware that this level obliges you to work much harder to maintain the position you have reached.”

2. How did your preparations for the World Cup look like? Were you expecting such success?

“The preparations went normally, according to the plan. We managed to make the selection we wanted and we managed to find the best solutions for each position.

Romania is one of the powers in minifootball at European and global level, but, until now, it lacked a world title. I thought we could get it, and, like every time, we went on the road with this goal. And now, after several attempts, we have succeeded!”

3. What do you think was a secret ingredient that contributed to the team's performance during the World Cup?

“The team I went on the road with (players, staff, management) and team spirit were the keys to success. We managed to combine, very well, the maximum sacrifice with determination and confidence in our own strengths.

First of all, with a super professional coach, balanced, hardworking, objective, which we trusted and gave him a total liberty in all his actions. Regarding the players, for each position, we found the most suitable player. And behind the scenes, an administrative team, not too big, but strong and efficient, where each had well-defined tasks.”

4. Were there any obstacles or weaknesses that arose during the World Cup that you need to correct or avoid in the future?

“In life, there are always things or situations that you can improve. So will we, even if we are champions, correct some things along the way that we have found we need to improve.”

5. What are the plans for your team and what are the expectations for the future?

“Now, with the winning of the most coveted title in the world, the obligations increase much more. Everyone will expect the same results, our backers and supporters will only want victories.”

He also added: “Even though Romania has six European Championship titles in its window, several years have passed since its last success in 2015... In this context, we believe that the time has come for us to return home with a new European title in 2024. These desires can become reality if we also have the material support from the decision-makers in Romanian sport.”

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