The WMF has announced to the world that it will be creating the first ever WMF Women’s World Cup.

The WMF has been hard at work recently to raise awareness of Women’s Minifootball and elevate the competition to match the level of its men’s Game. In a bid to do so, The WMF has begun proceedings to organise and facilitate, the very first WMF Women’s World Cup.

It is extremely important to the WMF that the Women's game is supported as an equal and extremely valuable part of the World Minifootball community. So, after surveying the willingness of countries to participate in such an event, to which the response has been tremendous, it appears without a shadow of a doubt that the Women’s game is indeed flourishing and requires its own platform where the elite athletes of the women’s game and their countries can showcase their talents on the World stage.

The seeds were sewn by Zorica Hofman and Elizaveta Kuzenkova who have been instrumental in their foresight to hold such an event. Their zeal and exuberance are starting to pay off with the very first Women’s World Cup vying to be the stepping stone to elevating the women’s game to the next level and beyond.

“The future of football is feminine. 2018 is a milestone year for women in Minifootball as it marks the decision to hold the 1st Women’s Minifootball World Cup. With increasing investment over the years from grass-roots through to the highest level, it is logical that women’s football will celebrate in style the first edition of the women’s flagship tournament. WMF is very proud to organize this event because it will set the foundation for the future of the movement”, Said Zorica, the WMF Secretary General.

And Elizaveta was quick to agree;

“Women’s potential is big now and it will become much bigger if we will put more attention to this area”.

“WMF WOMEN'S WORLD CUP is next WMF product that responds to the development of women's minifootball in the regions, and the WMF WOMEN'S WORLD CUP should be another motivation tool to increase minifootball players. The organisation of WMF WORLD CUP of men and women in the same term and location shows that the WMF perceives both world championships quite equally” said WMF president Filip Juda

A decision will be made this summer as to whether the tournament will be held in 2019 or 2020. So look out for news of this exciting event, which is coming soon.


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