The best means: training, dedication and perseverance

The best means: training, dedication and perseverance

It takes a lot of training, true dedication, persistence, and perseverance to become the best. But it takes even more patience to be awarded a prize for being the best player of the tournament.

After the final of WMF U21 World Cup in the Czech Republic that happened from 4th to 7th October 2018, where Colombia won the bronze medal – this team had every reason to be satisfied to have the most prominent playerLorenzo Felipe Orellano Vallejo.

Mr. Orellano Vallejo was so kind to do give the interview in which he explains how his background served to create the life circumstances that led him to and through his career as Minifootball player.

Here we enclose the original interview:

Can you tell us something about your background and what was your path to become a Minifootball player?

I was born in a historic city called Cartagena. I was born with a malformation in my left arm, but my body since childhood balanced my motor skills, and I always exceled in football. As we were with very poor resources, my uncle who lives in Barranquilla decided to take me to that city and to appear before a football school – Subsidiary of the Miami Dade FC of the USA, directed by Jonathan Lozano and his father. So, they welcomed me with a lot of love despite my physical condition and I was soon seen by a professional team from the Universidad Autonoma, and I had the opportunity to make my debut in the second division. When the team was liquidated, I was taken to Miami Dade in Florida and there I shared soccer with the Minifootball and I made a profit to help my parents. I tested in another team in Colombia but The final did not give me the opportunity and it was when Jonathan Lozano, president of the Colombian Minifootball Association, called me to represent the Colombian team.

Being announced as the best player of the tournament, could you tell us what contributed most to your success?

There were several reasons: the desire to succeed, to get ahead and that my parents could have a better future, and the support of my colleagues, both players, and technical staff. We were one family. I was the only player of my selection who did not rest, NOT a minute – they always trusted my conditions.

What is your training routine? Do you follow a special schedule, discipline or method?

Yes, I manage a rigid discipline to keep my body in shape, I jog every day very early, I go 2 hours to the gym. That has strengthened my muscle mass and I practice daily with the ball to keep pace.

How would you comment on the development of Minifootball in Pan-American countries? Can it be synchronized?

Here in America, especially in South America, it is barely gathering strength because it was practiced informally but now with the PAMF and the WMF everything is changing: people ask me how I belong to the organized Minifootball, and the good thing is that it is very compatible with big football and that makes it more welcome. I think this in America will make history.

Except for your achievements, what were the highlights from the WMF U21 World Cup this year in Czech Republic according to your opinion and impressions?

Everything seemed excellent – the organization, the hotel, the meals, the grass was spectacular, the respect of the opponent teams… I really thought it was an unforgettable party. I think Czech Republic showed off excellence in this event.

Do you believe that there will be more female best tournament players in the near future? What should be done for the development of this sport among women?

The fever of Minifootball in my country is very big and every day more women will play it. I can only imagine now when the calls for the World Cup next year will be made, how crazy it will be if they play only for a trophy. Now that I told them that they are going for a World Cup and that they want to have the success that I had – I do not know how the managers will do to leave so many women on the outside. I cannot imagine.

What would you do to popularize Minifootball among young people?

I will tell all the youngsters how spectacular my experience was, that the Minifootball is the other alternative that makes you feel with a world sports star.

Achieving this success that the whole WMF family is proud of, and being the inspiration for other players, young people and female sportspersons, Mr. Orellano Vallejo does not lack the gratitude to all those that supported him, so he thanked the WMF “for making me live an unforgettable experience and I hope you will continue to see me compete more often. Thanks for everything.”    

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