There are no red cards where there is respect

There are no red cards where there is respect

As sport is about emotion, ambition and inspiration, initiated, created and sustained by the people for the people – the good governance at all levels should start from personal convictions of decision-makers for integrity and fairness as well as on the principles of “fair play”, team-work, discipline, equal opportunities for all and non-discrimination. This is the starting point that vibrates further towards players and audience consequently.

The accountability and dignity in sport are a high priority and it is obvious how good training, education, support and overall work done by the minifootball clubs’ and federations’ management influence the quality of the matches during tournaments.

WMF principles include and encourage education of athletes and sport club members, development of their skills and knowledge in areas critical for high-quality minifootball events organized worldwide. Another essential objective is to endorse promotion of the concept and practices of good governance that inspire participating players and the whole teams to embrace the necessity of fairness, tolerance, and respect towards opponents team, thus contributing to diplomacy in sports in a long haul.

As good practice example was visible during the WMF WORLD CUP U21 organized in Czech Republic in October 2018, WMF President Mr. Filip Juda expressed his thanks to all the participants:

“I would like to thank all WMF WORLD CUP U21 participants, especially for their excellent country representation and discipline during the championship, when there was not one red card and we did not have to deal with any disciplinary violation. This is an expression of respect of the players not only to their rivals but also to the minifootball and sport itself. With respect, I look to the leadership of national teams and national minifootball federations, which are behind the discipline and education of the players who started at WMF WORLD CUP U21.”

The integrated development of athletes is a long-term process that has to begin very early. The formal knowledge that the athletes obtain during the process of official education is important, as are the knowledge and skills that they obtain and furthermore – perform whilst participating in sports activities.

Moreover, in the first week of November, WMF is holding the Executive Committee meeting where the contract proposal that concerns the education of referees will be introduced and voted for as well. The contract entails the definition and allocation of tasks between WMF and the country interested to organize the educational event for referees.

This is the result of previous efforts of WMF to create and finalize very soon conditions for systematic education of referees.

Only those active actors in one sport who are successful and who act in accordance with the values of autonomy, integrity, and ethics, can later become role models and contribute to the recognition of sports and values in sport generally – and luckily we have many minifootballers with that kind of worth.

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