One goalkeeper – many reasons to celebrate!

One goalkeeper – many reasons to celebrate!

Putting all the strength and focus into defending the goal and preventing the ball from going in may be highly demanding job, even though it may not be so obvious. Regardless of not being the direct target at all, being a goalkeeper is even more risky, so goalkeepers have many privileges within the game.  Usually special rules apply to the goalkeeper that does not apply to other players: they can use his/her hands and arms to catch, throw and save the ball. They also wear distinctive colors, wear gloves and are usually the tallest in the team.

All these attributes were used in smart way during the WMF U21 World Cup in Czech Republic that happened from 4th to 7th October 2018, by Mr. Václav Šlégr from the team of Czech Republic that was awarded as the best goalkeeper of the tournament.

Mr. Šlégr became a goalkeeper by chance and is a true example of how coincidences can determine careers. He played all types of football (Football, Futsal, Minifootball), but Minifootball concretely he started playing 14 years ago. He started as a player and then after two years he became a goalkeeper. It happened because on one match their goalkeeper didn’t come so he tried. And since this match he has been a goalkeeper.

On the question what the secret recipe for success is, he says: “There is no secret. Big “thanks” belongs to all members of this golden team. We were like a family and during the whole tournament I felt perfect and it reflected on my performances, which brought me this award. Whole tournament was great experience for me and the best feeling was lifting the trophy for the winning team above my head.”

As success brings new ambitions, Mr. Šlégr strives to get invited to A-team and go with them on WMF World Cup 2019 in Australia, as his dream is experiencing the international dimension of Minifootball.

When commenting on the development of Minifootball in Czech Republic and other European countries, he emphasized that: “In the last years, I think Minifootball in Czech Republic developed very much in all directions, in terms of organization, players’ style, etc. Maybe that’s the main reason why Czech Republic won a lot of international tournaments in very past years. And that’s the reason why Czech Republic is considered as Minifootball world power. In some European countries, the level of development of Minifootball is really high.”

He believes that soon enough, the quality will be better and better in the whole world.

Let this positive spirit and attitude of Minifootball goalkeeper be the inspiration for all those young Under-21 people willing to become part of WMF family.

Photo: Elizaveta Kuzenkova

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