Introducing stronger vision that will lead towards better achievements

Introducing stronger vision that will lead towards better achievements  

The Annual WMF General Assembly held on the August 16th in Kyiv, Ukraine, brought refreshing novelties and certainly huge excitement about the period and events that are coming.

It also gathered together new and some old members of Executive Committee that share mutual dedication and commitments to make WMF ever stronger, as only organization with firm structure can promote minifootball as such globally and make it accessible for everyone. This directly leans on one of the key efforts of Mr. Peter Kralik: “… to develop our sport and federation in general. Mainly in regards to new members and new events in different categories”, among which he underlines “WMF Champions League, Women World Cup or World Cup U21.” Beside this, he points out the importance of the WMF World Cup due to happen in 2019 in Australia. 

Looking forward to the third edition of WMF World Cup, Mr. Miguel Ángel Maron Nichols will concentrate primarily to make this competition the event in the history of minifootball, for the future and growth of WMF.

In a meanwhile, being aware that minifootball is one of the highest played sports in the world, focus will be on the creation of the opportunities for amateur players and youth.

As Australia should be country of events in 2019 – efforts are being made to create conditions for women’s Minifootball World Cup, thus providing a better perspective, good practice example and promoting the development of women’s minifootball competitions.

Targeting youth throughout the efforts of making minifootball available to everyone who wish to participate, regardless of gender and age, Mr. Vitthal Shirgaonakar emphasises the importance of development of minifootball at grassroot level. Rapid development would happen, as he states, if partnerships are being made on a school level so as to give greater precedence to minifootball for the generation of scholars. Mr. Shirgaonakar also promises: “I am one of the youngest members of WMF, and my effort will always be there to promote minifootball in the young generation.”

Being very enthusiastic and excited about what the future holds ahead, Mr. Sergio del Rio will focus on helping the WMF confederations grow stronger by developing a wider influence in their territories by increasing their membership and affiliations. He will also look towards the implementation of the WMF information system with RSportz, “as a way to help member countries provide better services to their affiliated leagues and associations.”

Development of information systems implemented with RSportz is one of the main points of progress, according to Mr. Filip Juda – President of WMF, beside legalization of the status of minifootball on an international level.

Mr. Juda shall willfully lead the WMF and its Executive Committee towards the support of transparency, democratic elections and eligibility, which are for him “the most important 3 pillars that I expect from every WMF EC member”.

Commenting further on what he expects to be the main focal points of the engagement of WMF EC members, he highlights the work for minifootball in their countries and building the values in the field of organization, development and promotion; financing, methodical marketing, size of membership and cooperation with public sector, in order to increase the number of WMF events in general and those concerning women’s minifootball and youth.

Concluding with certainty about the capacities of WMF to grow further and increase its success, he says: “I am fully convinced that the newly elected WMF leadership has all the important features to represent the WMF family with dignity and to implement a WMF business plan that will provide our members with the economic and marketing support that I see as the two most important from WMF”, thus introducing the vision for even better achievements in future.
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