Guardians of fair play for the WMF World Cup 2019 approved

Guardians of fair play for the WMF World Cup 2019 approved

One true signal that the preparations for the WMF World Cup 2019 in Australia have begun to intensify is that the list of proposed referees has been approved during the WMF Executive Committee meeting held on 16th of April 2019.

The process was led by the Chairman - Mr. Ben Salem Moez, along with the Members: Mr. Afgan Hamzayev, Mr. Nemanja Ljumovic, and Mr. Fernando Penna.

The proposed list of referees for the World Cup contained 16 persons from 5 continents - Europe, Africa, Asia, America, and Australia:

Jorge Martins - Australia
Aleksandar Kostadinov - Bulgaria
Jaroslav Pakosta - Czech Republic
Angelo Croce - Italy
Ali Eid - Lebanon
Salah Tekala - Lybia
Fernando Peña Jessel - México

Omar Usiel Ramos Moran - México
Nemanja Ljumovic - Montenegro
Cezar Ionescu - Romania
Bilal Sene - Senegal
Srdjan Stevanovic - Serbia
Bahador Girakhoo - Switzerland
Mohamed Fares Kaoui - Tunisia
Mejdi Hedfi- Tunisia
Graeme Douglas Florence - United States

Chairman, Mr. Ben Salem Moez, reminded that "these referees have been chosen according to several criteria, such as experience, neutrality, performance, physical condition and language.

These 16 referees and the observers will attend a training session in Perth for 3 days before the start of this competition and will attend physical and theoretical tests on the rules of the game and the new recommendations."

With proven experience and many reasons why this list represents the right cluster of professionals to keep the games during the WMF World Cup 2019 in line with the fair play and all the rules, the referees have also the task to contribute to the best overall experience and satisfaction for Minifootball fans, teams and the historical legacy of Minifootball on global level. 

Being selected as one of the referees - Mr. Nemanja Ljumovic, also as the Head of EMF Referee Committee commented: "After the successful start in 2017 and the first World Cup, the referee team is ready for new challenges this year in Australia. Training, test and experience are a guarantee that this team of referees will present this profession in the best possible way and will contribute that this world championship is remembered for a great and fair game, in which wins the best."

And the best are yet to compete and prove their quality, supported by the new technology that will be present during this third Minofootball World Cup 2019 using the VAR system to ensure the success of this event.

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