From education to highest precision judgment on the field

From education to highest precision judgment on the field

As part of the fostering of processes that influence the increase in quality of the games and competitions, WMF put the effort into the development of an educational system, and therefore training programme for referees.

Through the interview with the Chairman of the Referee Committee of WMF Mr. Ben Salem Moez, we got the insights into the model and functioning method of the programme, benefits for the associations and federations, and technical aspects.

Here we have all the valuable answers from Mr. Moez:

“As part of the development and broad lines laid out by WMF since 2017, a strategy has been adopted and highlighted by the Referees Committee and approved by the members of the WMF Executive Board, this strategy having several challenges including those which have been made such as the new 2018 minifootball game rulebook (100 pages of unified laws and meeting the new requirements), creating a solid base of international referees around the world.

And among the future goals are the most important step of development and training of these elite referees to succeed any national or international minifootball competition.

It's interesting for a national team to achieve a good performance and reach the finals games in each WMF competitions, but it's much more important if you have more a referee who figures in the best referees in the world and that's why the federations and member associations are required to organize certified training sessions for their referees.

A referee training session can bring several benefits to host countries such as:

- The constitution of a large number of high level referees allowing the smooth running of the local championship.

- The participation of the coaches and international players of the local teams for the good mastery of the rules of the game of minifootball.

- A means of encouragement and recruitment for young referees and players from this country to be interested by minifootball.

- The experience of organizing this training showed the important development of this game in their countries such as Libya, Lebanon, and Tunisia which has more than 150 referees, 2 championship divisions A and B and a championship women's minifootball.

WMF has thought of this and made available complete training sessions: presentation and interpretation of the rules of the game, physical test, theoretical test, video test, and practical sessions) – this training on 3 days allows the participating referees to have a first level referee WMF diploma.

And within the framework of development and encouragement WMF will take care of part of the expenses and the rest will be ensured by the federation or the organizing association.”

Mr. Moez reminded also “that the first international list of referees will be approved and then published in January 2019 and it is through this list that all the referees will be chosen who will have to participate in any international competition provided they are required to succeed the specific medical and physical test before each WMF event.”

Improving its work every step of the way, WMF will continue raising the quality of education for referees, with proper monitoring, evaluation, and refinement of the training programme.  

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