Education never stops

Education never stops

As Head of the Referee Committee of the World Minifootball Federation, Mr. Nemanja Ljumovic says: „Despite difficult times we are facing, referees have to resist challenges. We can allow not to have many matches to referee, but we cannot allow not to move forward“. This means that there are new educational activities to come. 

We now announce that the call for participation in the Seminar for referees to all continental federations is open until the 10th of February 2021.

Interested federations should send: a list of referees and e-mail addresses that will attend the seminar, upon the reception of the official invitation on behalf of the WMF with all the details and conditions.  

Upon the verification of the registration, registered referees will get through the mail a script of the WMF rules as a learning material they will use prior to the test they will take after.

Timetable and program of the seminar sessions:

25-26 February for PAMF referees - Nemanja Ljumovic, assist Fernando Pena
27-28 February for Africa referee - Nemanja Ljumovic, assist Mohamad Fares Kaoui
1-2 March for Asia and Australia referees - Nemanja Ljumovic, assist Jeffrey Goh Gek Peng
3-4 March for European referees - Nemanja Ljumovic, assist Jarosalav Pakosta

The first day of the seminar is reserved for WMF rules, Codex for WMF referees,
positioning on the pitch and of course questions and answers.
On the second day, we will go through the script and then referees will take tests.

Only the referees who attend and successfully pass the seminar will have a chance to be a part of the competitions under the WMF authority.

As the lead instructor for this seminar, Mr. Nemanja Ljumovic shared his motivation for organizing an online seminar for referees:

„The Referee Committee is doing its best to provide an environment in which we all grow. Concerning that, at the end of February 2021, the first online WMF referee seminar will be organized where referees will get the opportunity to listen and learn from WMF instructors and pass the test. We are expecting that as many minifootball referees as possible respond to this event. After being inactive during 2020, we honestly hope and wish, to have a very productive and successful year with many events. Having in mind that one of the championships planned to happen this year is also WMF Women’s World Cup – it would be a good opportunity to call also female referees to join the seminar. After successful completion of the online seminar, referees will get a diploma and will be the candidate of the 1st category for the WMF badge. A seminar is the only way of getting it. I would like to underline preparing of the Referee codex, which will be respected by referees like any rule in the game.”

Please take note that all the WMF members will receive the official invitation with all the details about this seminar. 

For the inquiries about the call for the seminar, you may contact the Head of the WMF Referee Committee at the following e-mail address:

Reserve your place till the 10th of February 2021 and see you at the seminar. 

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