Annual report with a message of gratitude, support, and encouragement

Annual report with a message of gratitude, support, and encouragement

The year 2020 was a tough one indeed. But we managed to keep the best ideas alive, preserve our energy, and highlight the positive outcomes in the end. The best is yet to come, and we are conveying the report done by the WMF president Mr. Filip Juda in its whole length.

Let us all come together again and continue where we previously started with minifootball development around the globe.

Dear minifootball family members,

2020 is over, at least in accordance with the most frequently used Gregorian calendar. Soon the New Year will be celebrated in accordance with the Julian calendar and China or Vietnam will welcome the New Year in the next month, Iran in March, India, and Nepal in April and the new-year calendar will end in Israel and in September when the end of the year will also be celebrated in Arab countries, as the lunar calendar is saying.

The annual assessment is one of the least interesting tasks of the World Federation president. To remember all important milestones or to thank all persons who played or have been playing an important role in minifootball development takes a lot of time for a person of my age. However, it is an important part of my work, because it is a chance not only to acknowledge and to thank for the work done by individuals as well as the whole minifootball family representing the organization, development, and promotion worldwide. I’ll try to close the past year’s account, and to let all of you evaluate how successful he/she was, and to realize thanks to the evaluation the areas that will deserve a larger time investment this year.

The pandemic that affected the whole world in the last year influenced also the minifootball competitions not only on the international level where the continental and world championships were postponed but also in regional competitions many of which were canceled. It gave rise to electronic games. Unfortunately, a few national and continental federations promoted this kind of sports game. And I say unfortunately because I would like to recommend strongly that all of the chairmen of the national minifootball associations should glimpse the statutes of their associations they preside or their strategic plans and realize what is written there. Most of the statutes say that the aim of the national minifootball associations is to increase the numbers of minifootball active players, to organize and to promote the competitions with respect to minifootball rules, which means active sports on the outside fields. I would like the national association chairmen to realize that in the event the youth competitions the minifootball coaches are involved in the education of the children and they are co-responsible for their development. The numbers of active sportsmen represent measurable performance and success factors, not the numbers of players sitting in front of their PC screens. The success criterion is the same also for the public institutions or branches supporting minifootball as our partners, e.g. the sellers of sports equipment or surfaces for minifootball matches. To support the electronic computer games, even if during the pandemic period, means the introduction of a new segment in the given association and showing new possibilities of leisure activities. But many of the partners support minifootball primarily to draw attention to their brands, to support sales, or due to corporate social responsibility.

Minifootball aims at tearing our fellow citizens away from their passive lives. And e-sport is namely one of the passive leisure activities. However, I suppose that this unintended consequence occurred due to a lot of leisure time offered to the leaders of the national association's thanks to the worldwide pandemic. If a person is too active, he himself or his product may become radioactive. This way a widespread promotion of e-sports may cause a substantial drop in interest in doing sports actively, and it is necessary to consider the consequences of our activities because it is against the values and goals of the minifootball statutes.

In spite of the above-mentioned pandemic, the last year had some positive aspects. Before the pandemic culminated, the Asian minifootball confederation managed to convene the general meeting in Malaysia, which was an election one, when the preceding general meeting was held in India in 2014. As for the business area, we signed the contract with the Egyptian minifootball federation on the start of production of the balls with a certified size of 4.5, we finished new rules for certification of artificial turf for international minifootball competitions, and continued negotiations related to the development of minifootball infrastructure in Near East and Africa.

This year our attention will be fixed on the planned World Championship of women and the World Championship U23 in the Ukrainian capital Kyiv that will represent a kind of a test for the World Championship in minifootball in 2022. We will continue the above-mentioned business activities. The last general meeting approved also the Plan of WMF Activities when from 2022 the World Federation will organize the World Championship every year in cooperation with the appropriate continental federation depending on the place where the championship will be held. It is a substantial change in the organization of international competitions. There are a few reasons for it. Higher ratings and this way also higher value of TV rights increased interest of the partners and public institutions in the world championships or more frequent comparison of the players’ performance, but also sharing the practical experience across all of the continents.

Some members say that WMF should strengthen the financial support of their activities. But it is the same as with the social policy when the state is interested in support with the social benefits those who want to work, but not those who do not wish so. WMF will be as strong as strong will be its members – the national minifootball federations, and that is why the numbers are important – numbers of members, ratings, or channels for the promotion of the sport and the partners and education of the public. An important factor is what kind of data the national associations collect from their registered members, and how they are subsequently able to activate their members for the partners’ needs. However, WMF should take an important strategy in the area of education of the national association chairmen, and motivate the top representatives for better performance when doing their work. This is another area I would like to concentrate on in 2021.

I consider the opening of the Arab-Jewish relations in the Near East, specifically in the Emirates, as the most important political milestone of this year. This opens also the way for the possibility to organize world championships in some selected destinations in this geographical area. As the former South-African president Nelson Mandela said: “Sport has the power to change the world.” And I will be happy if minifootball will contribute to it.

I wish the chairmen of the national and continental associations do not be susceptible to the propaganda of the electronic sports games and continue to promote minifootball as a sport leading to strengthening positive and new relations in the society and a tool of further education of the new generations. First of all, they should understand their positions as a mission that gives them impartiality in their decision-making and their view of the next development of the sport, and minifootball as a tool of reaching better social values, not a tool of their personal advantages.

Finally, let me thank all of the chairmen of the national minifootball associations who in this difficult period managed to start in a dignified manner their regional competitions for their work and efforts, members of the World Federation Executive Committee, Mrs. Zorica Hofman, general secretary of the World Federation, Mr. Dejan Vujanić,  chairman of the PR department, and the members of the committees who have been helping regularly providing their expert knowledge to the executive committee with an objective evaluation of individual topics.

I wish you to get on well in 2021; may 2021 come up to your expectations, may you have as many happy days as possible with both your existing and new friends and if minifootball contributes to it, it will be the best present for me.

Yours faithfully,

Filip Juda
World Minifootball Federation president

If you got to this point in reading – you are our person of the day!
Keep up the good work and thank you for your support.

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