The announcement of the events for dynamic Minifootball spring

The announcement of the events for dynamic Minifootball spring

Due to the continuous work on the development of on global level and noticeable growth and strengthening of  Minifootball family, naturally – the number of events sanctioned by WMF will make the spring of 2019 the time of games to watch and follow.

We are therefore announcing the following events in chronological order:

1. Tunisia Continental Cup
Venue country: Tunisia
Dates: 14-16th of March 2019

2. Tataouine International Cup 2019
Venue country: Tunisia
Dates: 26-30th of March 2019

3. F7 Club Champions Cup
Venue country: Guatemala
Dates: 02-06th of May 2019

4. CFL Tournament
Venue country: Russia
Dates: 8-12th of May 2019

The hosts are ready to offer an extraordinary experience to all involved; to teams and Minifootball fans.

Throughout the whole period of preparation and at the time of the events WMF followers on social media will have a chance for an overview of both – the essentials and details linked to these events.

But this is not all: as WMF is evolving, there will be more new and even better things to come, as Secretary General of WMF Ms. Zorica Hofman confirms: “It is evident that more and more member federations are displaying admirable seriousness in the work that we all together do. Thanks to the energy instilled, WMF can with more ease facilitate the uptrend path we established for Minifootball in 2019”.

Photo: Elizaveta Kuzenkova

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