Striving to always be on top in the World Ranking

Striving to always be on top in the World Ranking – presentation of the team Mexico for the WMF WWC 2021

Motivating is to have a conversation with constantly enthusiastic and energetic participants of the World Cup. This time they tend to prove that they invest equally in male and female minifootball in Mexico. 

We had a pleasure to hear from Mr. L.C.P. José Alfredo Maccise Saade, President of the Federación Nacional de Futbol Rápido, A.C.

Here is what he wholeheartedly shared with us:

Are you ready for the World Cup you are participating in?

Mexico is aware of the great responsibility it has as a Full Member of the WMF and is always prepared for the events convened by our International Federation. Since the Women's World Cup was announced, it was decided that the Mexican Women's National Team would be formed from the players of the teams of the Mexican League of Professional Rapid Soccer, which is the same League from which the Mexican Men's National Team, today World Champion and First Place in the WMF World Ranking.

What are the best aspects and strengths of your team and what are the points that need improvement?

The Mexican National Team is the first Women's National Team that is integrated into the history of our Federation. Even though some women's teams have participated as Clubs representing Mexico in International events; the Selection preparing to attend Kyiv in August is the first official selection.

We have worked little with women because the pandemic has not allowed us, but the experience of the Technical Directors of the Federation's Selection Commission, who are the same ones who have led the Men's National Team to the First World Place.

We know that we must work and only until we participate in Kyiv, will we realize what we must strive for.

Has the situation with COVID-19 influenced your work and the way you do minifooball?

Of course, it has influenced. In fact, it is likely that our answers to these 5 questions can be read without the Mexican National Team being present in Ukraine. COVID-19 has caused us serious economic problems and kept us separated and with a lot of uncertainty in participation in World events.

What are your expectations of the World Cup in which you participate?

Mexico will arrive to compete for the World Cup with all our respect to the participating teams.

Would you like to share something else? 

Thank you for the opportunity to communicate by this means and congratulate WMF PRESS for letting us express ourselves around the Minifootball World Cup Kiev 2021. And we share our motto: "Friends on the Court, goals do not make a difference"

And this is the value that we at the WMF are promoting and we are looking forward to see the performance of the Mexican team.

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