Statement by the President of WMF: COVID-19 and minifootball competitions

Statement by the President of WMF: COVID-19 and minifootball competitions

Dear minifootballers,

Allow me in this difficult situation, in view of the ongoing global epidemic of the COVID-19 virus, to come up with words and recommendations to the leaders of national and regional minifootball associations.

Obviously, this situation will have an economic impact on some national as well as regional associations, which have had to interrupt the organization of minifootball competitions in their countries for several months. National governments respond differently to this economic impact. However, one thing unites them, and that is the knowledge that the state must give a financial injection to the private sector, businesses, sole traders and entrepreneurs at this difficult time. This activity is usually under the Ministry of Industry, Trade or otherwise called the resort. Subsequently, as a rule, this financial distribution is reported by a development, guarantee or otherwise called the bank. In reality, this institution may provide financial support (donation) to self-employed, organizations and companies, or support short-term work, which means that part of the remuneration of employees and sole traders is paid by the state and part by the private sector. This was first introduced in conjunction with COVID-19 by Denmark, which supports up to 75% of the spending of companies and the remaining 25% paid by a private sector. When else should the state help companies and self-employed than in this very difficult period? Likewise, it is usually possible to apply for an interest-free loan to this institution, which may also be a help to overcome this period.

It has been said several times that even if the spread of COVID-19 will be suppressed, it may break out again in the second half of the year. With regard to this information, I would recommend to all associations to insure against such cases and losses, once the virus has been eliminated and the insurance companies are open to take out insurance policies of this type.

Let me, the chairmen of the national minifootball associations, recommend to you to use this time for the eventual planned development of your information systems, the business part of which could start to generate higher profits for both national and regional associations. Likewise, use this time to adjust or create the Strategy of your organization for the upcoming years. Find new potential regional minifootball organizers that you can integrate into your national association, as well as summer tournament organizers with which you can get in touch to develop year-round minifootball competitions in the region. Similarly, dedicate this time to finding suitable areas for minifootball, especially in places where there is a lack of regional association. Also, devote this period to things that you have been putting aside for a long time and have not had time for them.

Some of the international minifootball competitions has been postponed some of them will happen during the following weeks. WMF EC members will discuss about new date for WMF WORLD CUP U23 2020 in Ukraine. The proposed date will be August 13-16, 2020 that is already approved by the Ukrainian Minifootball Association and need to be discussed also by WMF with the confirmation till the end of May 2020. PAMF postponed PAMF CUP and qualification for WMF WORLD CUP 2021 in Las Vegas for October, EMF that is planning to host EMF Business Cup in May in Turkey, and then in August and September in Corona's most affected country – Italy, is still holding the planned dates as in case of EMF EURO that is planned to be in November in Slovakia, Same also African Confederation that has not yet planned a possible change in the organization of the African Championship, but this will be discussed at its next meeting. Asia has already announced that the Asian Championship and WMF WORLD CUP 2021 qualification will be held in November.

The community will now spend more time on the Internet and there the minifootball associations should be active with their promotion, but also communication with the existing members, clubs representatives but also the potential new members.

Finally, let me make two recommendations: Do not take this period and the virus lightly and overcome the fear that could only increase your stress, which lowers the immunity of people.

I wish you good health and look forward to better times.

Filip Juda
President of WMF

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