WMF welcomes new 29 members

Today's extraordinary General Assembly meeting confirmed the membership of 29 countries from 5 continents. Full membership was given to the applicants which are non profit organizations and which delivered all required documents (copy of statutes in own language, in English and membership application) and which met the conditions written in “WMF full membership standards”.

Full members

Azerbaijan Minifootball Association AMFA

Belgium Sixte Federation Of Minifootball

Bulgarian Minifootball Association

Croatian Minifootball Association

National Mini-Football Association (Hungary)

Minifootball Association of India

Minifootball Association Iraq

Football State Israel

Kazakhstan League of Minifootball

Libyan Minifootball Federations

Mexican Federation of Football 7 and Futbol Rapido

Association of Minifootball Montenegro

Romanian Minifootball Federation

Serbian Association of Minifootball

Slovenian Minifootball Association

Somali Minifootball Association

Tunisian Minifootball Federation

American Association of Soccer 567

Affiliate members

Canadian Arena Soccer Association

European Minifootball Federation

GB Minifootball Union

Football and its Modalities Association (Guatemala)

Small Sided Football Association of Ireland

Macedonian Association for Minifootball Skopje

Minifootball Association of Nigeria

Pakistan Minifootball Federation

LFL- Tran regional NGO of Amateur Football Development  (Russia)

Comity For Promote and development of MiniFootball in Senegal

Swiss Minifootball Federation


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